Lonely at the Top: Why Leaders Need an Outside Sounding Board (Part One)

A discrete, yet quickly growing aspect of my business is my confidential advisory work with senior leaders. This has always been 100% referral-based. Today, I work with people around the country and in the UK. The amazing leaders with whom I work have typically approached me to help them address a specific challenge they’re facing. They needed help with a particular problem, but the reality is that the primary issue

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Finding Balance: Do You Love What You Do?

One of the main things I preach is that to be a great leader, it’s imperative you find some form of balance in your life. I believe this is critical for us as leaders to be our best so we can be there for our people and organization. When someone tells me they’re working 80 hours a week, I immediately wonder how effective they are at what they’re doing. Perhaps

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Shameless Self-Promotion: The New YouTube Channel, Solopreneur Life

The blogs I write are genuinely intended to be of interest to readers and to provide a nugget or two of value. I love writing them…and I fully understand the point of content marketing is to establish oneself as an expert, generate trust, and provide value. Yep, that’s always been my intention. I believe this creates relationships, a consistent touchpoint with readers, and will lead to referrals. It does and

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The Obligation of Leaders: Three Tips for Success

In our hectic lives, we tend to let our “work” dictate the direction and priorities we focus on during our working hours – we slip slide into the bad habit of letting the routine and mechanics of the minutia control our time and course. I believe one of my top objectives in working with leaders is to help them adjust their thinking and focus on what’s really important. To maximize

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10 Ways To Better Conflict – It’s Worth It (Part Two)

Last week, I introduced the first five ways to mitigate and minimize the negative effects of conflict. In this week’s blog, I’ll continue by discussing the value of communication, creativity, and staying focused when overcoming conflict. Be direct and speak from your perspective Once you’ve made it this far, the other party will likely suspect that something they might not agree with is coming. Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t

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10 Ways To Better Conflict – It’s Worth It (Part One)

With regards to my EOS practice, I inform potential clients that my role in the process is threefold as a teacher, facilitator, and coach. I believe I’m often initially hired to help teach the process and get teams and companies rolling; however, my clients tend to stick with me because of the facilitation and coaching components. In these next two blogs, I’ll share with you 10 ways that decrease the

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Love In The Workplace: It’s Good Business

Recently, I participated in a leadership retreat in historic Philadelphia that was set up by the author of the book The Heart-Led Leader, Tommy Spaulding. Tommy brought in Steve Farber, who authored the book The Radical Leap, to act as our facilitator and presenter. One recurring theme of the retreat was the value of loving what you do, loving who you work with, and loving the impact you’re making in

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self talk

Head Trash: Three Tips For Controlling Your Internal Dialogue

For many years of my life, when asked a question I felt insecure about, I’d outwardly say one thing, but if I was honest with myself, I’d be feeling something a bit different. My external dialogue and my feelings didn’t always match up. An example is how I’d compare my level of successes with others. Outwardly, I’d say, “I don’t really care what others think.” In reality, this may have

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words will

Words Matter: Simple Changes, Big Impact

To quote the badass, lightsaber-wielding Master Yoda, “Do or do not; there is no try”. In my session room, I do all I can to banish these types of words. I believe when you use terms like “try,” “if,” and “wish,” you’re actually giving yourself permission to fail before you even start. Though it may not be the intention, it’s the result. Instead, as a team, reframe these statements to

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listen with intent

Three Tips For Becoming A Great Listener

Over the years, I’ve learned the value and power of being an intentional listener – it can literally change lives and businesses. Below, I’ll outline three pointers about the art of listening. Listen more, talk less Count to three when someone is finished speaking Parrot it back Listen more, talk less. This sounds silly, but this is one of the primary areas where we get in our own way. We

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