Book launch

The Aspiring Solopreneur Book Launch

Excited to announce that my new book, The Aspiring Solopreneur, will be launching on September 3rd. The book is a step-by-step guide to help you escape from “office hell” and become your own boss. Whether you’re thinking about opening a roofing business, a law firm, a medical practice, or embarking on any other entrepreneurial endeavor, The Aspiring Solopreneur will help you create a business plan; secure financing; find the perfect

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transition to change

The 4 Stages of Business Evolution, Stage 2 – Transition

Blog #204 As introduced in my most recent blog, #203 and Stage 1 of this series, I believe there are four distinct stages that companies experience on their way to thriving. They are as follows: Last week, we discussed the first and most common stage, Reactive and Stuck. This week, we will discuss the second stage, Stabilize and In Transition. Reactive and Stuck Stabilize and In Transition Proactive and Planning

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The 4 Stages of Business Evolution, Stage 1- Reactive

Blog #203 Helping organizations get to the next level and beyond is my specialty. I feel that I am clarifying and defining the growth curve due to a combination of working with some new organizations along with several mid- and long-term clients. I believe there are typically four stages in the evolutionary path that these leadership teams and companies go through. In this four-piece blog series, I will review what

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list are important

Why Issues Lists Are Necessary

Blog # 202 Within my session space, I have recently come into the modern electronic world kicking and screaming. I added two 65-inch monitors with wireless connections, which works well for reviewing documents. The biggest benefit is that this allows me to capture and create an ongoing Issues List while working with clients. These new screens allow me to use my computer. Translation: there is spell check (my spelling blows)

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A CEO Passes On, Now What?: Hit by a Bus, Part 2

Blog #201 In my last blog, #200, I outlined a high-level workshop I do with leadership teams that is designed to get the team thinking about identifying and documenting continuity challenges they would face if any one of them was “Hit by a Bus”. This blog describes a more specific exercise and the impact it can have when talking about the sudden absence of a CEO and/or owner. For this

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Hit by a bus

Continuity Planning: Hit by a Bus

Blog #200 In this two-part blog series, we’ll explore the fun, yet really important topic of continuity planning. The first blog will illustrate how to do this with your entire leadership team, while next week’s blog will be specific to CEOs.   In the team version of my workshops, this exercise is designed to smoke out a whole host of uncomfortable and hopefully never-needed issues. However, when these issues are identified

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Janine Kirsch (EAs Executive Assistant)

Trust your Assistant; Focus on Time and Talents

Okay, full disclosure here. I admit that letting go of bad habits is an area for which I still have opportunity for growth. I often say there are only three things we can leverage in this world – our time, treasure and talent. To maximize our time, we must be willing to let go, trust and fully embrace the idea that sometimes there are others who can handle projects for

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evolution in thinking

Technology: An Evolution in Thinking

Okay, I’ll admit it. Sometimes I can be a bit of a curmudgeon. Sometimes I like things a certain way. However, I’ve typically thought things through and am set in my decision. This old way of thinking was particularly strong when it came to allowing electronic devices in my leadership strategy or coaching sessions. To be candid, though, I’ve undergone an evolution in thinking regarding the use of technology in

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Success, the effort is worth it!

It’s Worth the Effort

With the warm sun coming down on my face, I sat in the grass, tired and shivering as I watched runner after runner cross the finish line. Many of these athletes raised their hands in victory, while some doubled over, bursting into tears. Some had loved ones rush up to support them. More than once, I heard an unbelievably excited “Mommy!” or “Daddy!” then watched a small child come running

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more customers

How to Get More Customers

When appropriate, one of the exercises I do with my teams has jokingly become known as “Butts in Seats”. This phrase began during my work with an organization that owns and purchases dental practices; however, these ideas fit for anyone with multiple “customers” or “clients”. For this group and many others, there are plateaus and stairsteps in growth – a common pattern in rapidly developing organizations that are proactively building

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