The 2021 Bitcoin Conference, Part 3: Doom? Three Economic Takeaways From the Bitcoin Conference

Blog #293 As stated in my first Bitcoin blog (#291), it took time for me to process and fully embrace this conference. I had to gain an understanding of the group of people and get a grasp of the culture. I have shared my observations of the culture and how I see an opportunity for leadership and strategic planning skills for this young group. Below are some economic points to

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The 2021 Bitcoin Conference, Part 2: What Teenage Sex and the Blockchain Have in Common

Blog #292 I compare Bitcoin and the Blockchain tech to teenage sex: it appears everyone is curious and talking about it, some people are doing it, but very few are doing it well. I use this analogy when discussing leadership skills and strategic planning for companies, however, it also seems fitting for the Bitcoin conference. I recently helped to advise a crypto wallet company, Exodus, to go public in a

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The 2021 Bitcoin Conference, Part 1: Berkshire and Burning Man

Blog #291 If you mixed the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting and the artsy, alternative Burning Man event together in a blender, the results may end up looking a lot like the 2021 Bitcoin conference in Miami. The overall experience was amazing. The content, speakers, and candid conversations were fantastic and filled my soul; however, the actual execution was a total train wreck. We waited nearly three hours in the

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A Pregnant Pause

Blog #290 The definition of a ‘pregnant pause’ is suggested as a break in conversation that builds suspense for dramatic effect, or that it engenders an expectation (“pregnant” = “expecting”). It is often used with great effect in comedy; however, when combined with being present, this can become an amazing tool in your home and professional life. As our lives become more hectic, bombarded with input, and because we live

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Are You a Champion or Saboteur?

Blog #289 “Oh, really? You feel alive again because you’re starting a new business? So, that means you’re going to work 100 weeks again and I’m on my own? Fine. I did it once, I guess I can do it again.” I have heard stories like this. In my work with individuals, it is not uncommon for people to feel stuck or lost about what their next chapter in life

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Embracing Breathing Opportunities

Blog #288 Every business seems to have an ebb and flow of busy times, whether due to seasonal changes, project pushes, or the likes. I advise many of my senior leaders through these times, and I am also currently going through one of these periods. I love the intensity of having several projects come together at the same time. Right now, I am implementing sessions for current clients, adding new

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Wandering Eyes

Okay, this blog is going to be 100% honest and probably a bit uncomfortable, but I believe there is immense value in it. Here goes nothing… Not long ago, my wife, Reka, and I were experiencing some challenges. When we went out to dinner, my eyes occasionally wandered. Sometimes, I received dirty looks if I took an inappropriately long time going to the restroom. I always tried to be discreet,

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Couples Workshop Success

Blog #286 Recently, Reka and I held our first one-day couples workshop at our new home and retreat center in the high country of Colorado. It was nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to all who attended, by the way! We limited this experience to six couples. We have previously held two-day retreats, but this was our first one-day intensive class. Nestled in the pine trees at 10,000 feet, we taught,

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Is Your Company’s Success All It Appears To Be?

Blog #285 As the companies I work with continue growing, I noticed a few common themes. I often collaborate with teams that have been acquired by large “successful” companies. In some cases, these are private or private equity, while others, they may be publicly traded. From the outside, these acquiring companies seem to be smooth-running, well-oiled machines; however, once inside, it is evident they are  anything but that. Typically, these

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Leadership Growing Pains

Blog #284 Many of the organizations I work with experience missteps in hiring as their leadership teams grow. The transition from leaders who are doers to true leaders and coaches is one of the biggest challenges teams face. The reality is, most organizations grow as a result of the hard-working entrepreneurial spirit, the “do-whatever-it-takes” mentality. And for a while, this works, and companies reach a certain level. However, with time,

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