hire great talent

An Opportunity to Hire Great Talent

Blog #256 Stop hiring people who can simply do the job. Instead, focus on finding people who have already done the job a dozen times, excelled in their positions, and who can push you to new heights. Now is an unprecedented opportunity to hire great talent to join your team. I realize this experience-focused path may contradict traditional thinking. When teams are smaller and growing, for example, rarely are there

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leading a team

How to Impact the Bottom Line During a Crisis

In one of my recent check-in calls with a client, l was informed they just had one of the best months ever. Yes, even during the COVID crisis, they are thriving – and they are not alone – a pattern I have seen repeated with many of the teams I advise. I believe this is a direct result of the work they have been doing over the past several years.

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hard decisions

Hard Decisions Are Worth Making

Blog #254 At 8:13 p.m. in the high country of Leadville, Colorado, Reka completed a massive 50-mile trail run. This run had taken over 15 hours, 109,000 steps, and thousands of vertical feet gained and lost – all above an altitude of 10,000 feet. It was stunning to watch, support, collaborate, and encourage her. This achievement did not happen overnight. In fact, it was the culmination of ideas planted long

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Tips for Better Coaching

Blog #253   When leadership teams transition from functioning in a reactive state to a proactive state, there is often an observable shift within the senior leaders. They begin realizing that to achieve the organizational goals, everyone on the team must be in high gear and on their best game. This is when many leaders realize that their coaching skills may be lacking, and they will need some fine-tuning to lead

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Pushing limits

Pushing the Limits

Blog #252 Drenched in sweat, covered in caked-on gravel dust, and with the constant reminder of saddle sores, I keep my legs pedaling at 85 RPMs while maintaining a heart rate under 137 beats per minute. So far, I have only stopped to fill my hydration pack and to change Audible books. At the end of the weekend, I will have completed over 130 miles. It is almost July in

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Junk That Funk!

Blog #251 I believe our collective consciousness is slipping into a funk. People are becoming tired of being cooped up. They are frustrated, nervous about the civil unrest, scared about a resurgence in the pandemic, worried about their job or finances, and all the uncertainty that comes with these concerns. In other words, we are in a funk. I frequently see this with the leadership teams I advise. I think

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Maximizing Talent

Blog #250 Maximizing the highest and best use of our teams is one of the primary obligations of leaders. Thankfully, there are many tools out there to help with this. Some call it “Delegate and Elevate,” a process where senior leaders focus on completing tasks that will have the greatest impact and delegating tasks that do not. The challenge comes when leaders work directly with the frontline people – everyone

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University of York Honorary Fellowship

Blog #249 Recently, I was awarded an Honorary Fellowship with the University of York in the United Kingdom. It is incredibly humbling to be an honorary staff member of this amazing institution. I have genuinely enjoyed working with this team, as well as the journey it has taken to get here… “Always curious, always learning” is a core value of Reka’s and mine. While on a hut-to-hut hike through northern

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Riots, Rage, and the Spirit of Curiosity

Blog #248 As I check the morning news, I see there has been another massive night of rage in our country. It makes me sad to see this. I believe there are many contributing factors that fan the flame sparked by George Floyd’s death, including lingering racism, fear, lack of trust, socioeconomic issues, tribalism, educational inequalities, pent-up sequestration anger, the government, the media, Antifa, and many others. Most of all,

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Time Blocking

The Value of Time Blocking

Blog #247 I am huge fan of time blocking, which is the act of setting aside specific times in the day or week to focus on only one activity at a time. The intention is that if you focus on one thing at a time and do it well, you will be much more productive. In his book, The One Thing, Gary Keller discusses the ineffectiveness of multitasking, suggesting that

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