Integrating your life to maxize your business

Kris Kluver Guest Spot on Lift Integrator Community Podcast

Kris Kluver, Founder and Principal, Life on Your Terms and Entrepreneurial Advisors was the guest presenter at a recent Integrator Community meeting. Kris shared strategies for how to live with intention through his presentation titled, “Integrating Your Life to Maximize Your Business.” His presentation includes strategies on how to build a healthy work-life integration.

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Five Steps to Cultivating Better Relationships

Blog #305 In full candor, I have not always been the best at networking and following up at professional conferences…and I have been to a ton of them. Several years ago, I began changing my approach and becoming more intentional with this process. Here are five simple, yet effective tips I have adopted that may provide a nugget or two of wisdom for you: Do some pre-work. Identify the top

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Try Something New

Blog #304 I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Entrepreneurs Organization Global Leadership Conference (EOGLC). EO is made up of a global network of entrepreneurs, with a membership of close to 15,000. I have been a member for eight years…and I can confidently say it has been instrumental in my business growth. To be asked to speak at this event and to be considered a thought leader is

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Becoming a Certified EO Speaker

Blog #303 Becoming a Certified EO Speaker “I provide speech coaching to many people including Tony Robins and Damond John.” As I sat in the sunny room on the fifth floor of the Bay Side Hilton in San Diego, the man at the front of the room, Pat Quinn, who would be teaching an immersive five-day course, was introducing himself. I was one of 26 people in the room and

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Setting Up a Great Zoom Studio

Blog #302 One of my goals is to be a highly effective professional speaker, facilitator, and coach while also being a hermit in the high country of Colorado 95 percent of the time. Even three years ago, the headwinds to achieve this goal would have been much stronger. But today, it is not only possible but also easy to set up. To be clear, content, facilitation, expertise, and being 100

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Available Soon! Life On Your Terms

Thrilled to introduce you to my new book, Life OnYour Terms: Discovering What’s Next! Life has never been filled with more opportunities, choices, or possible directions. Yet so many of us feel lost, unfulfilled, or possessed with an innate feeling that there has to be more to life. This belief applies to people of all ages who are in some form of transition in their life, from the “empty nesters” to

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Being Present Saves Time

Blog #301 I believe the greatest gift we can give anyone right now is our full, undivided attention. It is about being present, focused, and engaged. How often do you get frustrated when you feel you have to repeat yourself? Admittedly, I have experienced extreme frustration when I have explained something then the same employee comes back five minutes later and asks a question about what was just explained. They

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Three Simple Steps to Start Changing Culture

Blog #300 Maybe I am getting old and grumpy, but it appears that more frequently, people are coming to meetings late. I am unsure if it is a result of trying to cram too many meetings into a day or if people are simply losing respect for others and themselves; as a result, they are showing up just on time or late. If this is the case in your organization

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Avoiding Outcome Bias

Blog #299 If I were to ask you the best decisions you made over the past two years, you are likely to respond with those that held the best outcomes. Yes, some of these outcomes were results of great decisions, but there were probably outside influences that also had an impact. In her book, How to Decide, neuroscientist and professional gambler, Annie Duke talks about the decision-making process and the

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Avoiding Business Extinction

Blog #298 As the world speeds up, challenges increase and transitions become inevitable. Investing the time to slow down, think, and process becomes even more critical. Often, the greatest roadblock to doing this is our own bad habits and insecurities. Currently, I am working with multiple teams in a diverse set of industries that are all experiencing earth- shattering shifts. These shifts range from universal hiring shortages to extreme and

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