Couples Workshop Success

Blog #286 Recently, Reka and I held our first one-day couples workshop at our new home and retreat center in the high country of Colorado. It was nothing short of extraordinary. Thanks to all who attended, by the way! We limited this experience to six couples. We have previously held two-day retreats, but this was our first one-day intensive class. Nestled in the pine trees at 10,000 feet, we taught,

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Is Your Company’s Success All It Appears To Be?

Blog #285 As the companies I work with continue growing, I noticed a few common themes. I often collaborate with teams that have been acquired by large “successful” companies. In some cases, these are private or private equity, while others, they may be publicly traded. From the outside, these acquiring companies seem to be smooth-running, well-oiled machines; however, once inside, it is evident they are  anything but that. Typically, these

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Leadership Growing Pains

Blog #284 Many of the organizations I work with experience missteps in hiring as their leadership teams grow. The transition from leaders who are doers to true leaders and coaches is one of the biggest challenges teams face. The reality is, most organizations grow as a result of the hard-working entrepreneurial spirit, the “do-whatever-it-takes” mentality. And for a while, this works, and companies reach a certain level. However, with time,

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Your Best Self

Blog #283 It is my strong belief that for anyone to be a great leader, they have to ensure they are their best selves in all aspects of life. What I mean by this is a leader needs to be healthy and well-rounded on a holistic level. For example, if you are making good money, yet spend no time at home and are unfit, it is likely you are not

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Embracing Change

Blog #282 As human beings, we tend to fear change because of the unknown. I read something suggesting human beings are the only animals to look at the past with nothing but fondness and to the future with nothing but trepidation – even though there is almost no data to suggest anything but the opposite. In the grand scheme of history, albeit with a few minor dips, this has been

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Exodus Goes Public

Blog #281 On Friday, February 26th, Exodus Movement Inc, a blockchain wallet and exchange resource for crypto currency, received approval from the SEC to formally announce their intention to go public through a Regulation A offering.  Click on the links below to read more about this. In late 2019, I was brought in to help the Exodus leadership team. Little did I know what a ride it

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Senior Leaders Float Above the Business

Blog #280 I just completed a coaching call with a senior leader who is wonderfully smart, energetic, happy, but professionally, she is completely drowning – buried deep in the weeds. She has recently been elevated to a senior leadership position. In order for her to be successful, there are many things she will need to do; most importantly, she will need to transition from being a fantastic doer of tasks

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Team, Trust, and a Government Audit

Blog #279 I recently received one of those letters in the mail that all business owners occasionally get, yet no business owner likes: a notice of an audit for employment insurance. Not a big deal, but it did contain the words “government” and “audit”, so as an entrepreneur, my natural reaction is not a happy smile and a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. As a dyslexic, especially when it comes to

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Group Clarity Time

Blog #278 As the saying goes, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” Recently, I was able to get together with the core people on my team for a multi-day retreat. We met at our new second home/small retreat house in the high country of Colorado – and it worked great! Throughout our time there, we focused on team health and annual planning during the daylight hours then did something fun

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Three Steps for Creating Your Visualization of Success

Blog #277 I am huge believer in having a clear vision of where you are headed…which also happens to be one of the key factors in living life proactively rather than reactively. This concept can be applied to organizations, departments, individuals, couples, even families. Documenting a clear vision then creating a precise strategy to achieve that vision begins to turbocharge whatever this process is applied to. Generally speaking, people do

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