Becoming a great leader is often achieved through years of intensive on-the-job training. Trial and error can be time-consuming, expensive, and detrimental to the bottom line. We expedite this process by building great leaders and teams.

All EA Advisors have ‘been there.’ They are seasoned owners/operators/entrepreneurs who have earned their stripes through the school of hard knocks. This isn’t a critique of those who have honed their skills in a corporate or educational setting. However, the skills gained as an entrepreneurial CEO/operator are distinct from those acquired through an MBA program. Most EA Advisors have experienced at least one exit, and many have faced failures, all backed by thousands of hours of experience, as evidenced by their wisdom and grey hair.

Finding confidentiality, an independent perspective, and an honest sounding board can be challenging for a senior leader. It may sound clich√©, but there’s truth to the notion that ‘It can be lonely at the top.’ All EA Advisors have navigated a wide range of challenges, from seizing great opportunities to navigating nightmare scenarios. It’s rare for EA advisors to encounter a situation where challenges can’t be openly and honestly discussed, leading to the creation of a clear action plan. Senior leaders no longer need to ‘keep it inside,’ ‘suck it up,’ or ‘just deal with it’ alone. We recognize how counterproductive and costly this can be for both the organization and the individual.

This advisory relationship is designed to empower senior leaders to address challenges and avoid common pitfalls. A quality advisor must be a trusted confidant and, when necessary, fearless in addressing blind spots and informing the leader when they are off course.

Additionally, when appropriate, an EA Advisor will collaborate actively with the senior leader to identify the best path forward and create a plan to achieve it. In our role as strategic advisors, we engage as:

  • Confidential sounding boards
  • Collaborative participants
  • Leadership/management coaches
  • Accountability partners


Having an independent viewpoint and candid feedback helps leaders make informed decisions and feel confident about their direction and choices.

How It Works

Typically, the advisor and leader will meet via video or phone call for one to two hours to determine if there is a mutual fit, at no charge or obligation. Should we both decide to proceed, we will clearly define our expectations and schedule an initial strategy session. This session, lasting one to four hours, aims to establish our focus areas, define what success looks like, and determine how success will be measured.

A typical engagement may include one to eight scheduled, one-hour calls per month, plus unlimited email, text, and phone support. Recognizing that most executives operate beyond the typical ‘9 to 5’ schedule, EA Advisors are available before and after standard work hours and, if needed, on weekends. We encourage our advisory clients to reach out whenever they need support, not just during business hours.

Should the need arise for additional onsite meetings or more extensive time commitments, we can accommodate these on a case-by-case basis. This may include participating in key team member interviews, board preparation, meeting facilitation, among other services.

EA Advisory clients can be assured of our unwavering support.


Absolutely. It’s that simple. EA Advisors is committed to ensuring our clients receive significant value and that our collaboration is effective. If at any point this is not the case, we discuss it and, if appropriate, part ways amicably, without ongoing obligations or expectations.

Some may question how we can operate this way. We have employed this approach for years without issue. It keeps us alert, fosters trust, and nurtures the long-term relationships we value.