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Kris Kluver is a seasoned Entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of leadership teams, individuals, and business owners achieve their dreams over the past 30 years. Simply put, it is his life’s purpose, his passion, and what he is built to do. Because Kris places significant value on establishing and maintaining relationships, his business is 100% referral-based; he has discovered that by being invested in his client’s success, he becomes a trusted advisor and part of the leadership team.

Through his interactions with business leaders and speakers, Kris learned about EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®), a holistic business system that uses simple tools and concepts to aid Entrepreneurs in getting what they want from their companies. Seeing the inherent value of this program, Kris added EOS® to his leadership tool-box and applied the EOS® principles to his own businesses, culminating in many positive, productive transformations. Kris is able to help troubled companies to become good and good companies to become great. This is achieved by assisting them in discovering their shared vision, becoming masters of accountability, and establishing a healthy, cohesive leadership team – ultimately resulting in collective success.

Real World Experience

Kris Kluver is an experienced advisor who has worked with the senior leaders of billion-dollar organizations to Solopreneur startups. As a seasoned Entrepreneur with well over 30 years’ experience, Kris started his first of 14 companies at age nineteen, which include businesses ranging from business consulting, real estate, online services, counseling, advertising, financial services, and many more. As a strategic advisor, professionally trained in EOS® Implementation, and former business broker, Kris has seen the inner workings of hundreds of businesses – some good, some ugly, all interesting.

Industries Of Expertise​

  • Professional Development
  • Board Management
  • Professional Services
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Software as a Service (Saas)
  • Non-Profit
  • Real Estate Development
  • Engineering
  • Insurance
  • Distribution
  • Dental
  • Publishing
  • Advertising
  • Government/Military Contracts

Kris is the founder and principal of Entrepreneurial Advisors, a strategic advisory and management facilitation firm that works with leaders in the United States. He guides businesses – no matter the size – through the processes of setting priorities, embracing collaboration, resolving issues, and improving communication, thereby strengthening the organization as a whole. Kris has local, regional, and national speaking experiences on Entrepreneurship, startups, and culture – topics that aid companies in driving business and achieving goals.

To explore if Kris is a fit for your organization, contact him at or (402) 616-0354.

Our Exclusive Services


Every senior leader needs a trusted, candid, and independent advisor to help collaborate, challenge, and drive them towards becoming their Best Self.


This program provides the tools necessary to make an informed transition into owning your own business.


Discover What’s Next for your life and create a plan to live your ideal life – together.


Leadership and management training, Solopreneur startup, EOS®, couples & individuals “Best Life” retreats.


As a trained therapist, former VC Accountant, and spouse to a serial Entrepreneur, Reka understands how important and challenging key business relationships can be.

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What’s Next in Life? by Kris and Reka Kluver

If you know there has to be more to life, you’re right!
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Let’s See If We’re A Fit:

If you are the CEO of billion-dollar organization or a leadership team looking for a sounding board, or perhaps looking for a Solopreneur speaker, it always comes down to fit. Kris becomes very invested in the success of his clients, as a result, fit is a two-way street. Kris will gladly provide a 30-minute session to discuss your needs, determine fit, identify what success would look and outline next steps. There is no cost for this initial consult and all services after that are guaranteed. You only pay provided you feel you received value. Period.