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10 Steps to a Holistic Company Assessment

Blog #242 As we are all shifting into this new normal, it might be beneficial to do a holistic assessment of your business’s current product/service. Whether your organization is for- or non- profit, there is a strong likelihood that you will need to adjust to your product or service, which is something that should be assessed regularly. However, change can be difficult for some folks, especially when facing obstacles. One

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Are You Building Your Bench?

Blog #240 Without exception, businesses should always look at having the right people in the right seats, which also happens to be one of the greatest challenges. I believe one of the positive and unintended consequences of this COVID-19 chaos is the opportunity for all businesses to build their bench of prospective employees. Over the past couple weeks, I have been doing a large number of “emergency sessions” to help

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You Can Make a Difference

Blog #241 Recently, I participated in a video call with about 60 other business owners. The intention was to provide a forum for people to share experiences, express needs, and offer help. I love the objective behind this, and I believe the timing and relevancy have never been more important. Some of the themes that evolved from this conversation involved a general gratitude for what we do have, and the

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10 Tips for Home Officing

Blog #239 Recently, I was on an early morning Zoom conference call with a client group, all of us in The Brady Bunch format on my screen. The conversation was active and engaging. About halfway through the call, in the middle left box, I saw a bed-headed, pajama-wearing toddler come into the background of the room where his mother was on the video call. “Mommy, who are you talking to?”

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Do You Need to Furlough Employees?

Blog #238 The word ‘furlough’ has traditionally been used for government employees or military folks. The word is defined as “a temporary leave of absence with expectations of returning to a position.” As I do the many emergency sessions with my teams, I regularly bring up the topic of layoffs – we would be careless as leaders of organizations to not talk about them. To be clear, I am guessing

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My New Life Coach

Blog #237 My wife, Reka, is an individual and couples counselor, as well as a life coach. She is originally from London and has a unique counseling background. As a professionally trained and certified English accountant, Reka worked for many years with a venture capital firm in the UK. Here in the US, Reka has owned multiple business and has been married to me. In other words, Reka can “speak”

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This Could Be Our Finest Hour

Blog #236 We are living in some weird times. The news media tends to focus on negatives…and there is definitely no shortage of negatives right now. However, I believe this is also an amazing opportunity to help and serve others. I will illustrate with one of my favorite quotes below. “Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth

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How Effective Leaders Handle a Crisis

Blog #235 “It is not our stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” – Dr. Hans Selye  We are in some scary times. As humans, we tend to revert to a herd mentality – we are easily influenced by the behaviors of others, often without any regard for our own feelings and behaviors. For example, there has been a rush to buy toilet paper in places like Costco

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Can You Recognize a Seagull Manager?

Blog #234 I once heard the definition of a ‘seagull manager’ as, “Someone who occasionally swoops in on your meeting, hovers, craps all over everything then flies away”. I realize this is a bit crude, but I believe it to be fairly accurate for some folks. When I use this example in session, people often laugh and look at the organization’s owner or major influencers. There is often agreement that

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Tips for Avoiding the Naysayers, Part 2

Blog #233 In the previous blog, I explored some of the characteristics of naysayers and how it is common for the insecurities of others to possibly have a negative impact on our own growth. Last week, I used personal examples from my experiences shortly after becoming sober. These examples highlight how sometimes those around us are often uncomfortable when we experience substantial personal growth or change. As a result, they

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