Senior Leaders Must Be Teachers, Facilitators, and Coaches

Blog #273 Over the last couple of weeks, I have been discussing how I assist senior leaders with transitioning from doing to leading. In order for this process to be successful, they should do the following: Truly start thinking Become teachers, facilitators, and coaches Build communication and trust Last week’s post focused on thinking. This week, we will talk about the importance of leaders becoming teachers, facilitators, and coaches. In

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Stop Doing, Start Thinking

Last week, I stated that when working with senior leaders, one of my primary objectives is to help them transition from being doers to thinking leaders. For this to happen, they need to do three things: Truly start thinking Become teachers, facilitators, and coaches Build communication and trust In this post, we will focus on the first point: thinking. When I talk about thinking and senior-level leaders, I am referring

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Three Steps to Becoming an Effective Leader

Blog #271 When working with a leadership team, the CEO, or even the owner, one of my biggest objectives is for them to stop being “doers” and to start “leading”. For this to happen, they need to do three things: Truly start thinking Become teachers, facilitators, and coaches Build communication and trust In this post, we will review these from a high level then I will provide a full blog

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Non-Traditional Success Metrics

Blog #270 Last week, in Blog #269 (Maximizing Traditional Success Metrics), we explored the traditional success metrics that typically focus on our professional lives and the type of compensation we receive at work. In this week’s blog, we will further discuss the right-brained success metrics regarding the Health and Relationships quadrants of The Life Balance Wheel. As a refresher, this discussion is centered on the idea of using The Life

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Maximizing Traditional Success Metrics

Blog #269 Most people allow others to control the narrative of what success looks like. In Blog #268 (True Success Begins With a Holistic Assessment), I discussed how this can change. In order for senior leaders to truly meet their maximum potential, they need to be well-rounded individuals who are able to define success on their terms. This is not to say that work life and compensation are not important;

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True Success Begins With a Holistic Assessment

Blog #268 In last week’s blog, I explored how so many of us have lost control of our success-defining narratives. Becoming self-aware of this and having a desire to proactively take control of your life is the first step to discovering your success on your terms. When people take that most critical step towards living life on their terms, I say, “Congratulations”. But, the usual response I receive is, “Okay,

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Define Success on Your Terms

Blog #267 True success is rarely measured by the size of your bank account, the car you drive, or the neighborhood you live in. During these challenging times, many people are reflecting and taking stock of what is really important based on their own values. Family, health, quality time, work environment, and financial stability all come into play. Finance is still an important measurement, but the focus has pivoted away

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Do Less, Think More

Blog #266 In the next 12 months, countless organizations that are run by well-intending leaders (who are “working harder”) will run off the cliff of failure. Don’t let this be you! For many senior business leaders and owners, our default setting during challenging times is often ‘Work Harder’. Typically, this is a result of how we navigated growing pains and obstacles in the past; however, more often than not, it

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A child writes her vision for success

Why Your Vision of Success Requires Execution

Blog #265 Thomas Edison once said, “Vision without execution is hallucination.” I believe this and agree with it. Exceptional visionary leaders are those who have great ideas and implement them. Intention without action is failure. Lack of vision is prevalent today, especially in a world of high tech and social media. We are in a society that demands more, faster, now. Not all of us have the world-changing vision of

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Rediscover Your “Why”

Blog #264 Rarely do entrepreneurs start a business for the money. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a great motivator and way to keep score; however, if it is your only motivator, you may begin to lose inspiration or become frustrated. I believe that to truly find balance in life, you need to know, love, and want to determine the purpose of your organization. In other words, to rediscover

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