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Exodus Goes Public

Blog #281

On Friday, February 26th, Exodus Movement Inc, a blockchain wallet and exchange resource for crypto currency, received approval from the SEC to formally announce their intention to go public through a Regulation A offering.  Click on the links below to read more about this.

In late 2019, I was brought in to help the Exodus leadership team. Little did I know what a ride it would be…

Exodus is nothing short of an amazing organization. The vision of where they are going, the impact they want to have on the industry, and the potential for a global, monumental change is mind-numbing. And the company truly embraces their team members working from anywhere – literally. Exodus’s employees and contractors are all over the world; there is not even a primary office building. The organization’s culture is exceptional in spite of the separation. It is a diverse group of people (I often referring to them as “pirates on the fringe” because of the early adoption and out of the box thinking).  These guys and gals are digging in and getting it done and filled with the best intention possible. Is it perfect? Nope. Is it still amazing? Absolutely.

The Exodus group has brought me in to act as a senior level advisor and coach, with the goal of building the leadership team to one team, one voice, one vision, and to help facilitate the process for this offering. The self-awareness, trust, and growth I have observed within this team has been fantastic and continues to get stronger.

When I invest in an organization, I reflect on a quote from local Omaha Billionaire Walter Scott (“Bet on the jockey, not the horse.”). In this case, Exodus has a great jockey and an amazing horse.

My heartfelt congratulations to the Exodus team, my technical cohort, and assistant coach Cohagen Wilkinson. You guys are badass pirates for figuring out what has never before been done. I am humbled to be on this ride with you – thank you! It will be thrilling to watch your journey unfold.

Keep Smiling,