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Available Soon! Life On Your Terms

Thrilled to introduce you to my new book, Life OnYour Terms: Discovering What’s Next!

Life has never been filled with more opportunities, choices, or possible directions. Yet so many of us feel lost, unfulfilled, or possessed with an innate feeling that there has to be more to life. This belief applies to people of all ages who are in some form of transition in their life, from the “empty nesters” to the newly unemployed or from the newly graduated to the newly single.

In Life on Your Terms: Discovering What’s Next, join 28-year-old Jake Brown on his journey to discover what success looks like for him and on his terms. Jake shares life adventures including cycling in Moab and hiking at Machu Picchu with an unlikely mentor, Ryan. With the help of Ryan and Ryan’s wife, Meg, Jake learns how to not only define life on his terms but to achieve more than he ever thought possible. This book is designed to empower you to think differently, live Life on Your Terms, and thrive. 

“If you dread getting out of bed and going to a job that robs you of your vitality and joy and are considering becoming an entrepreneur, this book is a great place to begin your journey.” —Jonathan D. Messinger, speaker and best-selling author “11 Days in May”.

 “Kris has provided a unique balance of advice, encouragement, high aspiration, key tools, and grounding in practical issues while also holding me accountable to doing what I need to do to achieve my goals.” —Ioan Fazey, professor of social dimensions of environmental change, York University, England.

 “Megan and I thank you again for the LoYT workshop! We wanted to share the news that we are moving! Your dreaming exercise was the catalyst for this big change. Exciting, scary, and still exciting!” John and Megan Sweeterman, Minturn, Colorado.

 Life On Your Terms available in both audible audiobook and paperback on Amazon soon!