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Blog #304

I recently had the privilege of speaking at the Entrepreneurs Organization Global Leadership Conference (EOGLC). EO is made up of a global network of entrepreneurs, with a membership of close to 15,000. I have been a member for eight years…and I can confidently say it has been instrumental in my business growth. To be asked to speak at this event and to be considered a thought leader is truly humbling.

Last October, I went through the EO Global Speakers Academy. This was an intensive, week-long course taught by the same person Tony Robbins and Damon John use as their speaking coach. Being fortunate to make the cut, 34 of us where selected – 25 in person and nine virtually – from around the world. We dove in headfirst with the main coach and his four assistants. The entire experience was beyond amazing, yet the best take-away is the many relationships formed.

One evening after dinner, three of us were walking on the boardwalk and talking about the topics of our individual presentations. We also discussed the challenges COVID had presented to the EO chapters for member participation involving speaking/learning events. It was through these discussions that we came up with a different approach to a typical learning event – and the “Three Growth Guys” was born. We chose to present a different type of event, one in which there would be three speakers, three different sections, and at least three specific take-aways. To learn more, please visit

It was fun and three of us really hit it off. Within this group, we each have our own roles. Patrick focuses on growing your businesses, Will on growing your people, and I focus on growing yourself. Through our discussions, and as older guys in EO, we noticed that most people join the organization to grow their business. After some time, they begin realizing that to do this well, you need to grow your people; and when you do and you have reached a state of stabilization, it becomes critical to grow yourself.

This was the idea we presented to EO Global – and they liked it! At the last minute, we were asked to do two presentations: one in person (which I am happy to say, we had the largest number of signups of any of the breakout sessions) and one virtual session. Candidly, the virtual session went a little sideways because of some technical issues. It was great learning lesson, though. These talks, combined with a lot of networking and existing relationships, have seeded our speaking gigs. We look forward to seeing where it will go.

The point of all that is this: The three of us, Patrick, Will, and I, were able to get on the international stage because we were curious and about what was working and what was not. Consequently, we then came up with a possible alternative to something that had been the done the same way thousands of times. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, but offered a different perspective.

Is there something in your life or business that has been working for a long time, but is starting to slip or become stale? How could you pivot, freshen it up, then try it out in a different way? Maybe it will be a home run. Maybe it will be a trainwreck. But at a minimum, think about what can you learn and how can you continue to be curious, innovate, and try something new.

You never know, maybe it will lead to something great. Are you struggling in your life or business and need help pivoting? We’ve got your back! Contact us today to find out how we can help you adjust.

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