You Need to Know This Secret About Handshakes

Here’s the takeaway: If you think that you can hide something that you feel, you’re wrong. We can’t always hide what we think we can. You have to be genuine with your thinking and intentions. If not, people can figure it out.  Last week, a man named Dr. Bill Acheson spoke to a group that I belong to with other business leaders and executives. He specializes in nonverbal communication: How

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man and woman drinking coffee

Are YOU The Person I’m Looking For?

Here’s the takeaway: Your company will not succeed unless you have the right people in the right seats. Here’s an example from my own search for a team member to show you what I mean.  In his book Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t, Jim Collins introduces the idea of just how critical it is to find the right people for the right seats. As

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Guest Post: Why I’m 26, Moving to L.A., and Just Deleted Instagram

For any of you who have been in a strategy session with Kris, you know that he has the handwriting of a five-year-old child and spelling to match. In addition, with all the great ideas running through his head, Kris likes to write blogs, books, and all sorts of things. My name is Maggie Happe, and I am Kris’s “ghost” writer, translator, punctuation expert, and polisher. In addition to working

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where do ideas come from

The Secret Key To Coming Up With Great Ideas

On my walk around the lake this morning, I started thinking about the time-tested theory that we only have two things to leverage in our life: We can leverage our time, and our dollars. However, I think that there’s a third point. We can also leverage our ideas. Whether you call it ideas, or knowledge, or direction, you need this to make almost anything happen. If you have all the

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Permission to Fail: How To Turn “I Can’t” Into “I Can”

Words matter.  I have no doubt in my mind that the most important and valued words are those we say to ourselves, about ourselves. Unfortunately, more often and not, we use this habit negatively. The GREAT news is that we have the ability to embrace positivity and abundance for our own benefit. The words we use, whether written or spoken, reaffirm what we think and what we believe. Take the

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Is Modern Education Actually a Disservice to our Students?

Today’s education doesn’t always teach students how to connect the dots. In this post, I’m going to wade in with some political opinions that may or may not necessarily be embraced by everyone, especially the educated elite. If you find this blog to be offensive, I would love to hear your feedback and opinion in the comments section. I value the opinions of smart people, especially those who look at

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Millennials and Work Ethic, Part II

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the relationships between Gen-Xers and millennials. We have also covered what truly motivates and inspires millennials. This week, we’re going to discuss how those concepts apply in a real-world work environment. If you missed last week’s post, where we talk about why millennials are motivated differently than previous generations, you can read it here. Understanding what millennials prioritize, and what they’re working for, makes

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Millennials and Work Ethic, Part I

If you missed last week’s post on millennials and generational motivations, click here to read before you dig into this one. I have owned companies that have employed dozens of younger people, and I still work with companies that employ hundreds of millennials. Sometimes, millennials do actually live up to the low expectations that their employers may have. Often, though, if I can adjust my thinking and really listen to

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Millennials and Abundance

As people from the middle-aged (yes, my) generation, we are the bridge between today’s seniors, the baby boomers and millennials. The seniors have seen war and carry the baggage inherited from their parents. Seniors of today had parents who were directly impacted by World Wars, the Great Depression, occasional famine, and disease. Today’s millennials, on the other hand, have lived in a time of amazing abundance. Violence, poverty, hunger, and

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Ill-Equipped to Define Success

Here’s the takeaway: Both businesses and individuals are generally ill-equipped to define what success means for them.  It’s rare that people truly want to know where they want to go, and how they’re going to get there. I see this not only with leadership teams, but also with individuals: In most cases, people don’t really know what success looks like for them. What will it mean to be successful? We

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