With Social Media, Emotion is (Sometimes) the Answer

Originally posted in May 2013 by Social Media Contractors This past weekend, one of my dearest friends lost his father to cancer. While I struggled with seeing my friend in pain, I hate to admit that at first, I didn’t really feel much of a sense of loss. It wasn’t until I logged onto Facebook and saw a post by my friend that things really sank in. It wasn’t until that

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Social Media Can Be a Free Printing Press for Local Politics

Originally posted in May 2013 by Social Media Contractors There was an election here in Omaha yesterday. Someone with a “D” behind their name was trying to get re-elected as mayor by fending off a person with an “R” behind their name. As with any election, when you hear the spin doctors talking about what message matters to this “group” or that “group,” they seem to completely forget the delivery system. As

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Founder Perspective: Social Media ROI

Originally posted by Social Media Contractors I hold the flag of grouchy old business owner “guy” at SMC. I am the one who is usually first to ask; “Why would I care about that?” Or “What does it matter, I don’t give a  #$&$^?” and always “What is the ROI?” Typically I say it with much more colorful language. I am this way because I don’t really care about most of

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Defining Social Media for Old Guys

Originally posted in April 2013 by Social Media Contractors I am 45, and I have to say that when I started getting into “Social Media,” I did so with great resistance. I did not understand why social media mattered. I had no desire to know what anyone — friend, family, or celebrity — had for breakfast, or what any pop singer or athlete was thinking, doing, or getting arrested for. I simply could

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Social Media Across BorderS: 3 Rules for International Business

Originally posted in April 2013 by Social Media Contractors I recently hosted a gentleman in my home from Brazil. He is an economist visiting the U.S. through an outreach program. I enjoyed watching how much he embraced and used certain online tools and social media platforms. Like most people, he probably would have felt lost without his smart phone, Facebook access, laptop, and Skype. I do not speak Portuguese, but

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