You Need to Take Time to Celebrate Your Victories

Last week’s post began outlining the approach Reka and I used to create our annual family goals. Here are the major takeaways: Reka and I have been developing and achieving doing goals together for almost 20 years and we firmly believe they work Our goals have shifted to a more balanced focus on what’s really important to us, our “True North” We used some of our December holiday time to

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The Power of Setting Annual Family Goals

Reka and I just returned from a very productive trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. (For the record, we are not Vegas people, we are backcountry people). Part of the reason we go away around the holidays is because it can be bit of a weird time of year for us–we weren’t able to have kids and the season seems to be very kid focused. We choose to

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Starting and Growing Your Business Should Be a No-Brainer

There has never been an easier time to start and operate a small business. We live in the most abundant time humans have ever experienced; entrepreneurship is widely embraced and entrepreneurs are celebrated.  Startups have vast access to data, research, and opinions like never before.  Fantastic technology exists that simplifies barriers to start-up and create focused opportunities to fill niches. There is a massive groundswell of skilled people who want

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best self

Becoming My Best Self

As I reflect on 2017, I am attempting to practice what I preach. I want to be sure to embrace all the wonderful experiences, both amazing & challenging, that made the year I turned 50 so productive and fun. I have been so very fortunate and humbled to see the progress and spectacular growth within the companies and individuals I get to work with.  Being able to provide a small

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Slow to Go Fast

Reka, my wife, slowly let out a breath. I heard the click of the safety on her 308 rifle snap off.  As she took another slow breath and let it out I could see the muscles in her hand begin to tighten.  I knew she was going to take the shot. As I have often written in the past, I used to think I was good at multi-tasking and having

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obligation to dissent

Obligation to Dissent

When I owned my social media company, I brought in a partner who had worked for McKinsey, a high-end, global strategy and consulting company.  This person is a brilliant strategist and I learned a lot from him.  He introduced me to the McKinsey value “an obligation to dissent.” Today, when I do my sessions with leadership teams, I have adopted this phrase.  As we start the session, I like to

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Oasis Lip Balm

When Launching a Business, Age Doesn’t Matter

My newest Advisory/Coaching client, Bridget, came to me looking for help to launch her new business, Oasis Lip Balm.  We have weekly calls where we review her long-term goals, her previous weeks to-do list, and list out any challenges she had experienced. Then, we dive in to help her figure out how to problem solve those issues; we review the goals to give her a tap on the shoulder and

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Embracing My Inner Hippie

Recently, I was talking with a new friend of mine, Tommy Spaulding; he is a speaker, author, coach, and all around good guy.  Tommy asked about the bracelets I wear and if they had any meaning.  I have begun seeing more and more people wearing bracelets and haven’t thought much of it.   Even though I wear them where all can see, to me, they are personal, reminders, and memories. Each

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Yeah, That’s a First World Problem

Today, when I am greeted with “how’s it going”, the current social equivalent of “hello”, I humbly yet earnestly respond: “I am the luckiest cat on the planet.”  (And I mean it!)  Some people think I’m just being a smart ass, but I’m not–I feel it deep in my core. I know it.  I get to do meaningful work with people I like, I know I’m making a difference, and

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How to Effectively Recruit Quality People to Omaha

Stop focusing on what Omaha is not.  Don’t try to compete with big city/coastal amenities.  Focus on what Omaha is, what Omaha’s values are, and recruit people on those benefits and values.  When you think about it, those really are “our people”. Earlier this year, I went to a small breakfast with senior business leaders here in Omaha.  The topic was recruiting talent in the Midwest.  The members of the

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