Lonely at the Top: Why Leaders Need an Outside Sounding Board (Part One)

A discrete, yet quickly growing aspect of my business is my confidential advisory work with senior leaders. This has always been 100% referral-based. Today, I work with people around the country and in the UK. The amazing leaders with whom I work have typically approached me to help them address a specific challenge they’re facing. They needed help with a particular problem, but the reality is that the primary issue they were facing was that they were in spot in which they had to solve these issues by flying solo, keeping them stuck. (more…)

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Finding Balance: Do You Love What You Do?

One of the main things I preach is that to be a great leader, it’s imperative you find some form of balance in your life. I believe this is critical for us as leaders to be our best so we can be there for our people and organization. When someone tells me they’re working 80 hours a week, I immediately wonder how effective they are at what they’re doing. Perhaps they can’t let go? Perhaps they need help? Perhaps they’re stuck doing work that’s not the highest and best use of their time. Occasionally, I see people stuck in work loops doing activities that aren’t of real value. (more…)

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