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How to Impact the Bottom Line During a Crisis

In one of my recent check-in calls with a client, l was informed they just had one of the best months ever. Yes, even during the COVID crisis, they are thriving – and they are not alone – a pattern I have seen repeated with many of the teams I advise. I believe this is a direct result of the work they have been doing over the past several years.

This jumpstarted my thinking about the primary steps a team needs to take in order to achieve this during these challenging times. Here are five tips to empower teams to stay on track:

  1. Stabilize. This may sound silly, but I am amazed at how many organizations continue to run around as if their hair is on fire, especially in a crisis. There are things we can control and things we cannot. Step back, breathe, and consider what you need to do to stabilize, right-size, or pivot when the environment becomes challenging. Do what needs to be done to keep the ship afloat. As the leader of an organization, you must first be able to stabilize before you do anything else.
  2. Be proactive. Embrace the idea that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Consider a comprehensive review of what needs to be done. List out what can be done (no matter how crazy) and prioritize these items. Then, you can implement and track their progress.
  3. Systemize. One of the greatest opportunities, especially if your business is down, is to use this time as productively as possible. Think about how you could maximize this time by identifying and documenting efficiencies, streamlining processes, and training people to ensure consistent execution and complete adoption.
  4. Engage the entire team. By now, I am guessing that everyone in your office is fully aware that we are all in the midst of a bunch of weirdness. Many individuals are concerned about their job security, safety, and their futures, so recruit their help. Be positive. Assure them of the future of the company. Get them excited and involved. Ask them to work efficiently to maximize the best use of time. Direct them to look for opportunities to streamline processes and save costs. Create a culture of improvement and excitement that will help build a springboard to even greater success when life returns to normal.
  5. Lead. I cannot say this enough. Currently, there is a collective funk seething through our country. As the leader of your organization, it is vital to remember that the energy for the entire company starts with you. Stay calm and pragmatic. Be seen and reassuring. Be positive and supportive. Be visible and consistent.

There are many nuances to each of the above tips. When executed well, any one of these items could have a major impact on your teams and your organization; if you are able to get all five points going at the same time, you will thrive in difficult environments and situations.

Is your team prepared for unprecedented challenges? Are you interested in learning how to impact your organization’s bottom line during a crisis? We can help! Contact us today to find out more.

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