Lonely at the Top: Why Leaders Need an Outside Sounding Board (Part Two)

Over the last couple posts, we’ve been delving into some of the very real, but rarely discussed, challenges for senior leaders. We moved on to talk about our initial conversations and meetings, as well as the role I play as a trusted advisor and collaborator. This week, we’ll review what a typical engagement looks like and the method to my madness. We’ll also touch on my approach to contracts and the value I see in not using them. My hope is that you’ll find a few nuggets in these posts that will help you solve challenges you may be facing. (more…)

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Lonely at the Top: Why Leaders Need an Outside Sounding Board (Part One)

A discrete, yet quickly growing aspect of my business is my confidential advisory work with senior leaders. This has always been 100% referral-based. Today, I work with people around the country and in the UK. The amazing leaders with whom I work have typically approached me to help them address a specific challenge they’re facing. They needed help with a particular problem, but the reality is that the primary issue they were facing was that they were in spot in which they had to solve these issues by flying solo, keeping them stuck. (more…)

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