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Kris Kluver

Kris Kluver is a business operator, investor, and advisor with over three decades of experience working with hundreds of CEOs, leadership teams, and diverse organizations across the globe. These organizations have included publicly traded companies, family offices, private equity firms, and entrepreneurial startups. Through many of these journeys, Kris has helped facilitate a different way of thinking, resulting in explosive growth. Some of these organizations have seen dramatic turnarounds, 100x+ growth spurts, up to high nine-figure exits, and diverse rounds of funding.


Kris’s experience as an operator and advisor has empowered him to help countless organizations, leadership teams, and senior leaders to negotiate complex challenges, scale and achieve more than they ever thought possible using simple tools, candid facilitation, and unique stories. Kris has helped organizations in a wide cross- section of business interests ranging from tech to construction, pharma to artificial intelligence.  To date, four entrepreneurial organizations have achieved billion-dollar market caps, while several current clients appear to be on the same track. Kris has helped to restructure multiple billion-dollar non-profits, public university organizations, and hundreds of small and mid-sized entrepreneurial companies including family offices and private equity firms.


Kris understands that every leader, leadership team, or organization is in one of four phases of his defined business life cycle; Stabilize, Visualize, Strategize, or Execute. Kris feels he is obligated to meet people where they are then use his practical experience, proven tools, direct feedback, and fun stories to get them to the next level.


As a seasoned investor, Kris embraces the absolute necessity of quality financial analysis and target metrics. However, as an experienced advisor and entrepreneur, with multiple startups and multiple sales under his personal belt, he knows there is often more to the story than only the financial assessments. Kris has worked with dozens of challenging CEOs, dealt with founder and board fights, dysfunctional teams, broken structures, counterproductive processes, and a lack of a clear vision. He loves to assess and address these challenges head-on, fearlessly but compassionately. He knows that often financial analysis does not reflect these challenges or opportunities. With the right non-financial assessment, fearless coaching, and clearly implemented scaling mechanisms, scalable, explosive growth is possible. This maximizes the IRR for the investor and increases the success ratios of the investments made by the organization.


Kris has studied entrepreneurial strategy at Harvard Business School, is a Certified Exit Advisor through STS Capital, the Facilitator of the Ultra High Net Worth Trusted Circle for Long Angle investment group, a graduate of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Speakers Academy, former Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) certified implementer, and a fellow at York University in the United Kingdom. Kris is the bestselling author of “The Aspiring Solopreneur: Your Business Start-Up Bible” as well as “The Fable: Life on Your Terms.”


Kris is based out of the high country of Colorado with his wife, Reka. They both love empowering others to think differently, push themselves, and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Kris and Reka live what they preach and embrace, living their best lives and constantly challenging themselves through outdoor activities, adventure travel, endurance events, and a culture of constant improvement.


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