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A serial entrepreneur who started his first company almost 30 years ago, Kris has since been directly involved with the creation, operation, growth, and occasional sale of more than 20 successful businesses and has advised on countless others.

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What Is Traction?

Thousands of companies are currently finding “Traction” by implementing these time-tested, simple, and guaranteed tools and processes. Know that you aren’t alone in the challenges you face as a business owner. In fact, many people have faced similar issues...and EOS can help. When you combine the EOS tools and systems with an experienced EOS Implementer, magic can happen.

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Check out the regular wisdom, ramblings, and thoughts of your implementer. These thoughts may range from rants of current affairs, employees, or travel to business and people insights. Appropriate outside posts will also make the cut

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My biggest surprise in working with Kris was how quickly he took us from limping along in EOS to truly gaining traction. As self-implementers, we thought we had a good handle on what we were doing. Once we teamed up with Kris, we realized some of our missteps. He helped us make great strides, and took us farther and faster with our company vision and long-term goals.

With Kris’s focus and determination, he helped us see the hiccups in our accountability chart that were leading to employee frustration. Once we ironed out our accountability chart, there was a visible difference in employee performance and satisfaction.

Kris is part coach, part cheerleader, and part quarterback. What he is NOT is a benchwarmer. He helps you set big, but achievable goals for your business and helps the leadership team draw the map to take you there.

Kris took us to the uncomfortable places we needed to grow as a business. He doesn’t fear elephants in the room and tackles them with patience and persistence.

If I had a third hand, I’d give Kris three thumbs up! He’s had an amazing impact on our ability to implement EOS/Traction into our business. He has a clear vision of what it takes for a business to succeed and he eagerly displays his passion for sharing his expertise.

Interior Design

Working with Kris has helped us gain confidence as we implement the EOS system into our business. He does an amazing job facilitating our meetings, keeping us focused, and gaining traction. All of our meetings with him have been rated 9s or 10s from everyone on our management team! In the past, our quarterly planning meetings took twice as long and we accomplished half as much. As Kris helps us with EOS, we continue to gain clarity and focus in our direction of who we are and where we’re headed. He does a great job being flexible in our meetings so we can discuss important things and not be too structured for the sake of being structured, which is exactly what we need. I highly recommend Kris Kluver as an EOS Implementer!


As a company, we experienced a lack of focus and accountability regarding organizational goals. Everyone has a full-time “day job”, focusing all of their energy on individual or departmental goals. As a result, so many great organization-wide ideas never got traction. EOS puts our focus firmly on organizational priorities and accountabilities.

Insurance Company

Navigating the EOS platform with Kris has been delightful. Our team has experienced some decline in recent months and EOS is exactly what we needed to gain new perspective, work better as a leadership team, and navigate the complexities of working virtually. While we are still working out the kinks in the system, it has improved accountability, communication, and allowed us all to focus on the things that matter most. As we continue with the system while working out the kinks, I’d expect to see results that are unlike any that we have experienced thus far.

Publishing House

Meetings, discussion with more meetings to discuss the meetings. That was the old way!

The EOS way Kris Kluver has been teaching us is a solid, logical, and easy to adapt process. Our meetings are meaningful with clear goals. We did not have the skills to truly get at the ‘real issue’ that was often causing our team challenges. We were quite good at discussing what we thought were the issues, but never understood how to get at the real cause instead of the symptom.

Kris has helped us to dig deep, even if it causes discomfort. It is the best way of dealing with situations open and honestly. EOS is the one process that we have adopted in my 18 years in leadership of our company that has, and will continue to make, the biggest impact to our bottom line and to our overall organization. Kris is a masterful facilitator and draws on his experience to help us to be better and more impactful leaders.

Construction and Furnishing


Our company was ripe for implementing Traction/the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). We were actively looking for growth and viable options regarding our management and operational workflow structures to build scale and efficiency. With many consulting options available, we were fortunate to discover Kris and EOS. Internally, we had the right passion and understood our direction, but we needed structure and an expert coach to help us put it all together.

A key requirement for us was to partner with a proven professional consultant who possessed extensive firsthand entrepreneurial experience. We did not want a bloated budget or a lot of consultants running amuck in the process. We demanded simplicity. Kris has a unique skill set that fit the bill.


Our journey has included instruction in using the EOS tools, which has added the necessary structure for our sometimes chaotic work flow. Kris and the EOS process didn’t spend time considering or mulling over theory. There was immediate work to be done and payoffs to be realized. Early in the EOS onboarding process, we began doing the valuable, high ROI work. The intervals of the initial work help to take the learning directly into practice. Each 30-day session helps to review and reinforce the structure and the EOS process, while validating the progress and ensuring we maintain momentum.

Facilitation of EOS

As a former Senior HR Consultant for a Fortune 500 company and as a former director of Berkshire Hathaway Business Unit, we understand the value of quality development and training. We’ve seen and experienced the good and the bad. We have a senior management team that is made of smart, licensed electricians who had never been exposed to this sort of training. We realized we needed a system and an implementer that would work well with all of us. Kris provides valuable insight – as a committed partner should – guiding us to new ways of embracing, leveraging, and working with the EOS tools. Facilitation and management of a leadership team isn’t always easy. Kris handled our group effortlessly.

EOS is our roadmap for the future. We look forward to our continued learning and application.

A Commercial Electrical Contracting Company

We had tried to self-implement many systems ourselves, including EOS. Our last attempt at implementing EOS fizzled out after two to three months. We engaged Kris and his company to help us work to implement EOS, and wow – what a difference. Having someone outside our company made it much more productive.

We thought we would lose momentum again like the other times, but Kris was very helpful in facilitating the process and keeping us moving forward. He was great in the all-day sessions and has been available for consultation when we had questions about our internal Level 10 meetings. Overall, Kris has helped us gain “traction” with the whole EOS process. We have a much more effective, engaged, and motivated management team now.

IT Managed Services Company

We’ve owned our business for over 14 years and have tried several different techniques to manage our business and our team. Our industry continues to see more and more competitors, and we knew we needed to take it to the next level. After reading Traction, the EOS system immediately felt like the right system for us. We met Kris almost a year after trying to implement the EOS system ourselves without much success, and wished we had met him sooner! Kris did an amazing job of quickly bringing our entire team up to speed and laid the fundamental groundwork needed to make the process a success. In a very short period of time, Kris helped our team take great strides as well as accelerated the momentum to propel us to the next level. We are excited to see our vision and management team align so powerfully. Thanks, Kris!

In-Home Care

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