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My biggest surprise in working with Kris was how quickly he took us from limping along in EOS to truly gaining traction. As self-implementers, we thought we had a good handle on what we were doing. Once we teamed up with Kris, we realized some of our missteps. He helped us make great strides, and took us farther and faster with our company vision and long-term goals.

With Kris’s focus and determination, he helped us see the hiccups in our accountability chart that were leading to employee frustration. Once we ironed out our accountability chart, there was a visible difference in employee performance and satisfaction.

Kris is part coach, part cheerleader, and part quarterback. What he is NOT is a benchwarmer. He helps you set big, but achievable goals for your business and helps the leadership team draw the map to take you there.

Kris took us to the uncomfortable places we needed to grow as a business. He doesn’t fear elephants in the room and tackles them with patience and persistence.

If I had a third hand, I’d give Kris three thumbs up! He’s had an amazing impact on our ability to implement EOS/Traction into our business. He has a clear vision of what it takes for a business to succeed and he eagerly displays his passion for sharing his expertise.