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Meetings, discussion with more meetings to discuss the meetings. That was the old way!

The EOS way Kris Kluver has been teaching us is a solid, logical, and easy to adapt process. Our meetings are meaningful with clear goals. We did not have the skills to truly get at the ‘real issue’ that was often causing our team challenges. We were quite good at discussing what we thought were the issues, but never understood how to get at the real cause instead of the symptom.

Kris has helped us to dig deep, even if it causes discomfort. It is the best way of dealing with situations open and honestly. EOS is the one process that we have adopted in my 18 years in leadership of our company that has, and will continue to make, the biggest impact to our bottom line and to our overall organization. Kris is a masterful facilitator and draws on his experience to help us to be better and more impactful leaders.