A Commercial Electrical Contracting Company

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Our company was ripe for implementing Traction/the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). We were actively looking for growth and viable options regarding our management and operational workflow structures to build scale and efficiency. With many consulting options available, we were fortunate to discover Kris and EOS. Internally, we had the right passion and understood our direction, but we needed structure and an expert coach to help us put it all together.

A key requirement for us was to partner with a proven professional consultant who possessed extensive firsthand entrepreneurial experience. We did not want a bloated budget or a lot of consultants running amuck in the process. We demanded simplicity. Kris has a unique skill set that fit the bill.


Our journey has included instruction in using the EOS tools, which has added the necessary structure for our sometimes chaotic work flow. Kris and the EOS process didn’t spend time considering or mulling over theory. There was immediate work to be done and payoffs to be realized. Early in the EOS onboarding process, we began doing the valuable, high ROI work. The intervals of the initial work help to take the learning directly into practice. Each 30-day session helps to review and reinforce the structure and the EOS process, while validating the progress and ensuring we maintain momentum.

Facilitation of EOS

As a former Senior HR Consultant for a Fortune 500 company and as a former director of Berkshire Hathaway Business Unit, we understand the value of quality development and training. We’ve seen and experienced the good and the bad. We have a senior management team that is made of smart, licensed electricians who had never been exposed to this sort of training. We realized we needed a system and an implementer that would work well with all of us. Kris provides valuable insight – as a committed partner should – guiding us to new ways of embracing, leveraging, and working with the EOS tools. Facilitation and management of a leadership team isn’t always easy. Kris handled our group effortlessly.

EOS is our roadmap for the future. We look forward to our continued learning and application.