Interior Design

Kris is part coach, part cheerleader and part quarterback. What he is NOT is a benchwarmer.


As Kris helps us with EOS, we continue to gain clarity and focus in our direction of who we are and where we’re headed.

Insurance Company

EOS puts our focus firmly on organizational priorities and accountabilities.

Publishing House

As we continue with the system while working out the kinks, I’d expect to see results that are unlike any that we have experienced thus far. 

Construction and Furnishing

Kris is a masterful facilitator and draws on his experience to help us to be better and more impactful leaders.

IT Managed Services Company

We engaged Kris and his company to help us work to implement EOS and wow–what a difference. Having someone outside our company made it much more productive.

In-Home Care

We’ve owned our business for over 14 years and have tried several different techniques to manage our business and our team. Our industry continues to see more and more competitors, and we knew we needed […]