Speaking & Workshops

Startup & Entrepreneurship

The whimsical image of starting a business and the actual day-to-day reality of startups are often very different.  Kris has 30 years of experience in self-employment, business brokerage, personal direct start-ups, has acquired or sold 14 companies, and has been an advisor to hundreds of others. Whether discussing the different mindsets of most entrepreneurs or facilitating workshops on identifying, vetting, and executing new business ideas, Kris can tailor the topic to whatever your needs may be.  His extensive local, regional, and national speaking experience on entrepreneurial topics will fit well for startups and entrepreneurs interested in driving business and achieving their goals.


As one of the fastest growing sectors in the entrepreneurial world, solopreneurship is also one of the most neglected.  These wonderful, brave souls range from plumbers to accountants, dog-walkers to dentists, truck-drivers to counselors. No matter your skill level, being a great technician, craftsman or professional may have little impact on an individual’s business success. Understanding and mastering accounting, compliance, contracts, marketing and a wide variety of areas is critical for growth.  Kris has advised hundreds of solopreneurs across the county and is happy to explore your speaking or workshop needs.

Individual Success & Development

As the co-authors of the book Success Defined (2017), Kris and Reka Kluver are passionate about helping others discover and achieve their dreams. They argue that as individuals, many modern Americans have lost control of the narrative of what true happiness and success really is. Based on the book and 33 exercises provided within, both Kris and Reka provide workshops for ____ who is the audience for this___ on how to take control of what success is, and on your terms.


As a Professionally Trained Entrepreneur Operating System Implementer in Omaha, Nebraska, Kris works with companies throughout the Midwest to identify their shared vision, become masters of accountability and establish a healthy, cohesive leadership team. Speaking and workshops vary depending on your group and your needs. Reach out anytime to determine how leadership coaching can support your business’s needs.

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