Stronger, Engaged Managers

Pro-Circles result in:

Better communication

Clear accountabilities

Better results

Why it Works:

Experienced facilitation

Proven tools

Peer collaboration

How it Works:

Group coaching for up to seven individuals

Monthly virtual meeting via Zoom

Teaching, accountably, and problem solving

Which educational topics are covered in the first six months?

  • Time management and delegation
  • Setting expectations, follow-through, and accountability
  • Listening and communication
  • Crucial conversations and conflict
  • Team goal setting and rocks
  • Celebrating victories and team building

What does it include?

  • Initial assessment with the direct supervisor
    • Identify areas of development opportunity
    • Identify metrics that will be tracked to assess progress
  • Group coaching on a monthly basis
  • Introduction to proven management tools
  • Peer accountability
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Private LinkedIn group