Fractional Integrator

What Is a Fractional Integrator?

A fractional integrator (otherwise known in some organizations as COO, or GM), is a part-time, embedded leadership resource accountable for leading all operations. See what Mark Winters has to say about fractional integrators. A Fractional Integrator adds value to Visionaries by helping them reach their goals and improve their work-life balance.

Meet our Integrator

fractional integratorGinny Martin, is a highly entrepreneurial EOS® Integrator experienced in building and growing businesses from start-up to $2B annual revenue.

Equally comfortable collaborating with peers, leading, managing, being accountable for the P&L, and systematically attacking a company’s toughest operational challenges, Ginny thrives in rough waters and endeavors to help business owners grow their companies.

For fun, Ginny took a career break to attend the premier fullstack development school, Dev Bootcamp, where she recently graduated in the top-third of her class. Family, wonderful friends, running, swimming, biking, yoga, reading, avocados, playing outside, a good night’s sleep, and a love of learning new things every day make her feel like the richest person on the planet.