Good Life Traction® User Group

Our Next Omaha date is Wednesday January 31st from 11:15-4 at Firespring (1515 S 75th St, Omaha, NE 68124)

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Our Next Lincoln date is Tuesday December 5th from 11:30-2:30 at Firespring (1201 Infinity Ct, Lincoln, NE 68512)

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Our quarterly  Good Life Traction® User Group aims to facilitate a friendly space for anyone interested in Traction to collaborate and get on the same page.

Who is this for? Any and all users of EOS and Traction. This will range from the “EOS Curious” to Self-Implementers, coaches helping to implement, and to companies fully engaged in a pure process with a professionally trained Implementer.  All are welcome.

What will it include? We will start with a 20-30 minute deep dive outlining the pure practice of one of the EOS tools.  This will be provided by a Professionally Trained EOSI.  The remainder of the time will be used to I.D.S (the issue solving track) challenges people in the room are having implementing EOS.

Where is it?  Firespring in Omaha has very graciously offered to host this event. Thank you to the entire Firespring Team. Their facility is located at 1515 S 75th St, Omaha, NE 68124

What’s it cost?  Nothing…. Nada… Zip…. This is fully intended to be a “Help First” sort of thing.  The goal is to spread the word of EOS, help others become great at EOS, and get to know others who are in the same boat.

Lunch?  Yep! Thanks to Traction Tools, it’s provided at no cost to you!

RSVP?  Yes, please. We want to make sure we plan accordingly.

Topic Requests?  Let us know what is on your mind or if you have any specific topics for the deep dive. We have some ideas, but they are top secret right now.



Future Dates

Omaha: Jan 31st, 2018, April 6th, 2018, June 29th, 2018, Oct 19th 2018, & Jan 25th, 2019
Lincoln:March 5th, 2018, June 5th 2018, Sept 5th 2018, & Dec 5th 2018