Capital & Advisory

Rarely are the skill sets and resources needed for a business to launch and become profitable the same as those needed to grow and arrive at the next level. Becoming stuck and squeezed by a lack of resources is common. Often, a new way of thinking, gaining outside perspective, strategic introductions, and capital may be needed to break through the ceiling. This is our wheelhouse. We LOVE helping companies attain success!

Entrepreneurial Advisors (EA) guides and supports companies in these areas through EOS Implementation, strategic advisory and coaching, direct capital investment, and ongoing involvement.

We’re extremely selective about this sort of engagement; however, in certain cases where a quality business may be willing to exchange equity for these services and/or a capital investment, this arrangement may be productive. 

Ideal candidates will have an existing organization that’s currently providing a product or service and, at a minimum, showing proof of concept.

For any expertise, time, or capital investment to be made, current owners will need to be willing to be open, honest, and ready for change. Weekly accountability metrics review, specific accounting practices, and set coaching engagements will be required.

If you’d like to further explore this option, please contact us directly