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When Launching a Business, Age Doesn’t Matter

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My newest Advisory/Coaching client, Bridget, came to me looking for help to launch her new business, Oasis Lip Balm.  We have weekly calls where we review her long-term goals, her previous weeks to-do list, and list out any challenges she had experienced. Then, we dive in to help her figure out how to problem solve those issues; we review the goals to give her a tap on the shoulder and remind her where she is going.  Reviewing the to-do list helps ensure Bridget is getting things done and being held accountable. We outline the issues and tackle them individually to help her remember how you eat an elephant: one bite at a time.

These sessions have become one of the highlights of my week. I love watching Oasis Lip Balm evolve and unfold in front of our eyes.  After some of our initial discussion, Bridget realized that her product was in a commodity-based red ocean and success would be difficult.  She was receptive to being challenged and took that challenge in stride.  She quickly found her niche and we began to dig in to explore it.  It appeared to be a solid option so, I introduced her to some sites where she could research high quality wholesale products from China.

Bridget brought in samples, reviewed, and tested them for the application.  In her next step, she had to import a base of inventory, manufacture her product, package, and begin to market.  We had great discussions on pricing models, value proposition, and motivating factors. With an active Etsy store, website, and social media, Bridget is beginning to see both referral and organic sales.  It has been so very cool to watch and coach her along.

So, to bring this full circle on why this is so much fun for me–when we review Bridget’s goals, they are these two: the first is to be able to add this to her college applications when she goes to university in 2.5 years and second is to make enough money to buy a new computer and books.  Bridget is 15, kicking ass, taking names, and my niece.  As she has discovered, many women have a need for a wearable lip balm locket and with that, her ideas have expanded.  As a guy, I always have pockets, apparently this is not the case for many ladies. So, Bridget has created a line of high quality wearable lip balm lockets and bracelets filled with her own, all natural, lip balm formula.

I may be helping her a bit here or there, but it is only in pushing her thinking and holding her accountable, she is doing all the work.  (My assistant Alex has helped us a bit as always and is my invaluable right hand.)  The joy I feel is because I am being treated with a front row seat to her struggle and success. This helps me remember exactly why I love working with entrepreneurs and helping businesses identify and achieve their dreams.  I am truly grateful and humble to be along for the ride.

Are you currently trying to solve a problem and create a product? Does your business need a little push? I’m always here to help, no expectations or obligations. Reach out anytime.

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